Alana Kay is a Publisher, Author and Environmental Activist living on Maui, Hawaii. A born spiritual intuitive medium, Alana works with the Ascended Masters: Jesus, Archangel Michael and The Council of Light, with her deepest soul connections being to the energy of Melchezedek - an eternal priesthood. "I have experienced my connection to the higher realms since very early in my life. I have always recognized the voice of Christ Jesus. I began to see 11:11 on my clock in 1974 and knew it was symbolic and significant. It gave me that old familiar tingle throughout my being. During that same time, I came across statements in the Bible that said one day Heaven and Earth would be as one, once again the tingles were triggered. Truth tingles. Then another aha moment - 11:11 had something to do with the merging of the spheres. I knew spirit was speaking to me and I believed what I felt although there was nothing external to confirm my beliefs. I further believed that this merger would happen in my current lifetime. As time went on, I came to find that others were of the same belief and during the nineties, a proliferation of authors and spiritual teachers emerged, confirming that there is certainly a spiritual revolution occurring. Many others have discovered the magic of 11:11. It is indeed a communication from spirit regarding Heaven on Earth - at least that is the simplest way to put it." WE ARE NOW ABLE TO BE ASCENDED AND REMAIN ON EARTH!!!!!!! Harmonic Convergence occurred in 1987. This is the time when, metaphysically speaking, the spheres became merged. Now Heaven is available to those who choose to embrace it. Everybody who is incarnated on Earth at this time is at a different place on the ascension spiral. Some will move into the highest available vibration, which is full ascension, and some will up their vibration to a point where life becomes much easier, enjoying a path of spiritual development instead of a path of material gains. My largest opening to spirit came in the early nineties during a series of life-changing events. Most of what I discovered is in my books, and I came to understand that I am meant to use my well developed intuition to guide others through their awakening. The aura picture to the right shows my energy 100% ultra-violet light, which is full connection to divine consciousness. Awakening means we have turned to our soul and chosen to live a soul/heart centered life. It does not mean that we see what is wrong with our self and the planet, it means we have begun to see what is right. We ALWAYS get more of what we focus on. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "I see the magnificence of this planet and the people. I see unexplainable beauty and a master plan that is beyond our comprehension. I look out at a sky and an ocean everyday, that never ceases to amaze me. As I tingle with the joy and energy it gives me, I realize that it has more power than I could ever behold and therefore it becomes a great new experience with every waking day. I am like a child who has trouble sleeping because I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings. Life is meant to be like this. The wisdom that is carried in every seed of creation binds everything together through quantum entanglement. I see innumerable species living in harmony here, which is a miracle in itself. At the same time, I see the magnificence and potential in people that has been thwarted by limiting societal beliefs. I see the deep beautiful feminine beauty that most women have tucked away for fear of mistreatment. I see the soft side of men stored away on a shelf because it is not safe in this mentally focused, patriarchal society. I see young people giving their power to pop culture and pop culture icons instead of channeling their brilliance into the web of life and the advancement of humanity. I see a natural landscape that needs to be revered and loved more than material gains. Peace on Earth and the Aquarian Age: I see all the violence and stress, but I know it does not need to be this way. We need to be the change we would like to see in the world. We need to stop blaming somebody or something else for our personal and societal problems. If we are not part of the solution, we are part of the problem. Nothing on the outside will save us. Aliens will not save us. The government cannot save us. We are the economy, we are the government; we are the sum of all of our parts. The economy and the government are but a reflection of our communal consciousness. We begin with our own walk - that small slice of reality which we have been given responsibility for. Everybody has something to contribute. If we slow down enough to appreciate the wisdom and the beauty with which everything on this planet was created, we will have a different perspective. Stop and smell the roses. Slow down and sniff the cinnamon and other miracles of creation. Learn about science and biology - you will not believe what you see. Gaze at a starry sky. Love for no reason. This is really Heaven on Earth and if you don't see it, you are just looking at it from a clouded perspective. Slow down, look deeper, love stronger, & expect amazing things."

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