I have been prompted by the Ascended Masters to channel messages to humanity. As I received this channeling, I felt it very similar to others I have read or heard. The words are very positive and they resonate with what I know to be true as I have always known that I was here to help bring about the awakening of humanity and peace on Earth. It is my hope that these words bring peace to those who read them. I will channel whenever I feel they have something to say through me.

Channeling Session 2/25/18


We are the Pleiadian Council of Seven. We are bringing to your planet new waves of cosmic energy so you may attune to the higher frequency more easily.  It is taking hold now and there will be an upsurge of energy throughout the month of March. There will come a time when the divide between the light energy and the dark energy is so well defined that there will be no mistaking the two. The gray areas are gone.


We are delighted that you have chosen to seek higher ground and to hear the words of wisdom that the masters are bringing to you at this important juncture in our planet’s history.


We have waited a long time for this opportunity to speak to humans through intuitive channels because they were not quite developed enough to hear our words clearly. The one who is transcribing these words right now is listening through the portal of the Ascended Masters, sometimes known as the White Brotherhood of Ascended Masters. This particular portal is accessed by tuning into the frequency of Jesus the Christed one. There are other ways to access the higher dimensions as well.


We are able to speak through any clear channel that is vibrating at a frequency that meets the level of the Masters. Anyone may choose to be a channel. It is a matter of having the willingness to go through the initiations necessary to calibrate one’s self to this high frequency.


We are coming to you this Sunday, February 26th, 2018 to tell you that the light has won and it has become the dominant force. It may not seem that way at times, but rest assured you will begin to see evidence of it. There is going to be mass awakenings and people are going to need to be supported in their ascent. Those who are helpers will have their paths cleared and be placed strategically around the globe to be of assistance.


WE are aware of the mass shootings and violence that is occurring on a regular basis. We can assure you that this will cease in a very short time because the mass awakenings will cause a ripple effect of light frequency that will run through every aspect of the planet. The vibration of the planet will no longer accept levels of violence like that which you have witnessed over the last several millennia.


Earth is intended to be a school of higher learning. The mass awakenings will bring about this paradigm shift. Rest well and know that Love has one. You are all loved dearly by the Ascended Masters whose energy pulsates through your very being although you may not presently be aware of it.