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 Heaven is Here...


In 1994, I had an other worldly experience that lasted several months. There was a series of events in my life and I began praying very intensely. I was asking Christ Jesus for answers. I wanted to know why the world was so ridden with hatred and pain. I began to cry and I went on a beautiful journey with him. He taught me what was to be the beginning of a new life for me. I heard words of wisdom (more than I had in my earlier years) from him and the higher realms and I was shown Heaven on Earth. The world was lit up and I could see people’s beautiful souls. I was shown that Heaven is a parallel dimension that exists when we are deep in our heart space, connected to our souls. I was shown and educated on the difference between the mental planes and the heart planes. The heart knows the truth with regard to the TRUE REALITY, which is GOD created. I needed to understand this once and for all. The dark stuff was created by people. The dark stuff was the result of the mass consciousness. The dark stuff was the mind separated from God. The darkness will fill in where the light needs to shine. The darkness does not have intelligence and it does not have an energy source, so it feeds off of the light. We are supposed to be in the midst of a great awakening. The mental planes are rampant with fear, hatred and anger. Persons on all sides of the issues are battling it out in the mental planes and their hearts and minds keep becoming compressed with their disillusionment over what has been created. Dark forces that are not from our planet jump in and feed the mental planes with their agenda now. They have hijacked the minds of those intent on seeing things from the mental perspective. We have been trained away from our hearts throughout our lives and we don’t even realize it. People in the mental believe what they believe because it is designed by the darkness to keep people from living a life filled with love and joy. When we stay in fear and anger, the darkness steals our energy from source. If you want to see the world as God created, you MUST shift to your HEART and disavow your mental perception of ANYTHING or ANYBODY. From A Course in Miracles: Nothing Real Can be Threatened. Nothing Unreal Exists. Herein Lies the Peace of God.
 Ascension is Unconditional Love of Self and Humanity
 Soul Integration is the Full Restoration of Soul Identity and Purpose