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Ascension, Soul Coaching, Life Purpose, Akashic Records, Intuitive & Creative Development
My readings focus on identifying with the higher self instead of the lower self. The higher self was designed by the creative force, whereas the lower self is created by outside circumstances.  Soul Coaching takes time but begins with obtaining a level of recognition of the energy and the attributes of your soul. Akashic Records Readings delve into the karmic lessons and imbalances in relationships with self and others. Intuitive Development Readings serve the purpose of helping my clients learn tools to discern choices as well as the road ahead. Spiritual Counseling includes help with law of attraction and making life decisions based on alignment with higher self and therefore, highest good. Clearing of karmic imbalances and restoration of proper connection to the energy of the soul opens the creative portal.
Telephone Readings: The price for Private Readings is $100 for the first half hour. An additional half hour is $50 Please email me and provide your phone number and I will contact you. Thank You. In person readings are $185 per hour or $90 for one half hour. In person readings may be done at your location, 808 Wellness Center in Kihei, Maui or a natural setting of your choice. Traveling time of 20 minutes is included. Anything more than this may incur a surcharge.