Christian Mystic


What is Christian Mysticism? It is the recognition that we are multidimensional beings created by God to do God's will. We are incarnated on Earth to blend the physical with the spiritual dimensions. In the end, it is a full understanding of mysticism and metaphysics from a Christ-minded perspective.


The term "Christianity" is the belief that Earth was created by the Energy of Archangel Michael and that Christ Consciousness is the blueprint here.Jesus and the entire Christ Vibration came here to make us aware that Christ Consciousness or Love is the operating system of Earth and our known galaxy.


Jesus was really a mystic. He came to represent the higher consciousness that created our Universe and teach us how to access it. The tools he brought us are many and varied. Further more, he told us we may all become like him.


Unfortunately, his legacy has been distorted throughout time for various reasons. There are many versions of Christ Jesus because the ego mind is limited in its ability to comprehend the multidimensional nature of reality. Most certainly, he is not a judgmental being who told us to worship him, nor did he die for our sins. He is however, omnipresent and omnipotent.


We are all much bigger than society has taught us to believe. We are all multi-dimensional beings, full of love and light, capable of great genious, great works and great contributions to humanity and the new Earth.


When we devote all of our being to Christ, we experience an ever-deepening understanding of Christ, our self and the entire Universe. The deepening continues until we are all reunited with our full creative being.


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